Client Services

Client CarePickup and Dropoff

Stoneledge Animal Hospital offers pickup and drop off service for the convenience of our established clients. In our waiting room, we have an assortment of magazines and newspapers, as well as pet-related reading materials. In addition, we have a digital photo slideshow that runs continuously in our waiting room with pictures of our personal pets and the pets of our clients.

Referral Policy

We refer clients to veterinary referral hospitals for oncology, ultrasound, endoscopy, MRI or advanced surgical procedures. Most referral hospitals are 10 minutes from our hospital and are staffed with board certified specialists.

DNA Testing

Your beloved pet may look like a purebred golden retriever – but is it really? Do you own a beagle – or a dog that just resembles a beagle? For owners who don't have pedigree documents for their dogs, DNA testing can answer those questions and may help you take better care of your pet.

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