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StaffVeterinary Technician Sarah Given volunteered at Stoneledge Animal Hospital throughout high school, and officially joined the staff in 2009 after earning her diploma. Her job responsibilities include assisting the veterinarians with surgical procedures and examinations. Sarah's favorite part of the job is providing medicine and compassionate care to all of the hospital's patients.

Sarah says, "I enjoy working here every day! This is my second family. We are a close knit group and everyone here strives to provide the best medicine and care that they can to each of our patients."

At home, Sarah has four dogs named Abby, Sophie, Sky and Ryder, as well as a cat named Sweet Pea. She was raised on a family farm which currently has Hereford cows and goats. In her free time, Sarah enjoys spending time with her son, family and friends, and loves the outdoors, cooking and doing various crafts.

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NicolePractice Manager Nicole Kaltsas has been with Stoneledge Animal Hospital since April 2006 when her and her husband, Dr. Michael Kaltsas, purchased the hospital. She has always had an intense love for animals and considers herself lucky that her "better-half was a veterinarian." Nicole's favorite part of managing the hospital is getting to know the clients, and says that the wonderful staff makes it easy to come to work every day.

"We purchased Stoneledge in 2006 and together, we have been able to grow into an amazing practice with amazing people to support our loyal and amazing clientele and patients," Nicole says. "We have worked diligently to make sure that we continue to improve the caliber of medicine and care we provide without losing site of our relationship with our clients."

At home, Nicole and Dr. Kaltsas have two rescue dogs: a 7-year-old, three-legged bull dog mix named Deja and a 3-year-old Blue Tick Coonhound named Elwood. She enjoys spending time with her husband and their daughters. Together, they love to camp, swim and boat on the lake. In her free time, Nicole loves to do yoga, garden, and design and redesign rooms in their house.

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StaffVeterinary Assistant Danielle Loiselle joined the medical team in June 2015 and is currently majoring in Veterinary Technology at York County Community College. Her many responsibilities include assisting veterinarians, technicians, and receptionists, as well as helping to maintain the neat and organized appearance of the hospital. With an eagerness to learn, she most enjoys working with and learning from our veterinary technicians.

"I enjoy working at Stoneledge because of the friendly, family-feeling environment," she says. "It’s also a bright learning environment, full of opportunities to grow and understand more about the veterinary field."

Danielle has five dogs: a Rottweiler-Lab mix named Molly, a Border Collie mix named Lady, two Rat Terrier sisters named Mika and Maggie, and a Whippet mix named Milly. When she’s not at work, in class, or teaching Milly new tricks, Danielle likes to take time to focus on her physical and mental fitness by visiting the gym, doing yoga, swimming, biking, hiking or walking. Of course, she also makes time for some much-needed relaxation and likes hanging out with her friends, family and pets.

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StaffShantel Seeley is a Licensed Veterinary Technician at Stoneledge Animal Hospital. Some of her job responsibilities include gathering patient history, surgery preparation, monitoring patients while under anesthesia, and patient blood work. Shantel is a recent graduate of York County Community College with a major in veterinary technology. She enjoys the opportunities to learn and gain experience while working at the hospital.

In her free time, Shantel enjoys reading, writing, collecting sea glass, and walking forest trails with her family. Shantel and her family have four pets. Two cats, Keda and Koda, a German Shepherd/Alaskan malamute mix named Rosie, and Penny, a holland lop rabbit.

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StaffVeterinary Technician Briaana Custeau joined the staff at Stoneledge Animal Hospital in May 2016. She's responsible for taking radiographs, assisting the doctors during surgery and exams, dental cleanings, performing lab work and client education. Her favorite parts of the job are assisting the veterinarians during exams, dental cleanings and taking radiographs.

In May 2016, Briaana graduated from York County Community College with a degree of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology. Prior to earning her degree, she worked as a veterinary assistant from July 2016 to April 2016.

Briaana says, "I enjoy working at Stoneledge because we all support one another and work together as a team. Each and every day I continue to gain knowledge by working at this hospital. Most importantly, I feel very fortunate to be part of a team whose main goal is to provide the best care for our beloved pets."

Although Briaana doesn't have any pets at home, her brother has two Labrador retrievers named Falkor and Xena that she is extremely close with. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, camping, baking and cooking, swimming and playing fetch with Falkor and Xena.

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StaffReceptionist Amy Russel joined the client services staff in May 2016, and has been employed in the animal-care field for over 10 years. Her daily responsibilities include greeting clients, making appointments, faxing, filing and answering the phones. One of her favorite perks of the job is meeting new animals and interacting with the hospital's great clients on a daily basis.

Amy says, "I love working in a hospital where the doctors and the staff treat the clients and animals as if they are a part of one big, happy family!"

At home, Amy has three dogs named Weezie, George and Junie; four cats named Muzzy, Gustav Nyquist, Spooky and Maskie; a Guinea pig named Albert and a frog named Frank. She is an active member of the Maine Bumble Bee Alliance and New England Basset Hound Rescue. In her free time, Amy enjoys gardening, painting, pottery, stained glass and researching information on bumble bees.

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StaffSarah LaFore joined the client services team at Stoneledge Animal Hospital as a receptionist in October 2017. As a full-time staff member, Sarah is responsible for client interactions and scheduling appointments. The part of her job that Sarah enjoys most is getting to know the clients and their furry babies. She brings a outgoing, caring, and compassionate approach to everything she does here at Stoneledge, making her a valuable asset to our team.

Having been employed in an animal related field since 2007, Sarah has previous work experience as a Marine Animal Technician at the University of New England and experience as an Animal Care Technician at Bracket Street Veterinary Clinic. Even with extensive work experience in the veterinary industry, Sarah finds it most enjoyable to be working here at Stoneledge Animal Hospital.

“This is such a warm and welcoming place!” Sarah proclaims. “They have already made me feel like part of the family!”

In her spare time, Sarah likes to spend time with her boyfriend, Barry, and their brood of critters. At home, Sarah owns two Dalmatians, one named Mac, the other named Cheese. She also owns a Rodesian Ridgeback named Mildred, 2 kitties named Ozzy and Zeke, and a bunny named Zelda. Sarah also likes to spend her time volunteering for marine mammals and Maine rescuing efforts. She also loves rehabilitating seals. Sarah has a background in musical theater, and enjoys doing community shows whenever she has the chance.

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StaffHayley Grover first joined the Stoneledge Animal Hospital team as an intern in October of 2017. Since working with our incredible patients and clients, Hayley has developed a keen understanding of what its like to work at a veterinary hospital. As of July 2018, Hayley has since been functioning as one of our outstanding Veterinary Assistants.

As a Veterinary Assistant, Hayley is responsible for keeping the clinic neat and organized, as well as assisting our Veterinarians or Technicians during surgeries, exams, running lab work, and much more! The aspects of her job that Hayley enjoys most include having the opportunity to learn from our knowledgeable veterinarians and technicians and getting to know our wonderful clients. Each day she brings with her an eagerness to learn and gain experience.

“I really enjoy working at Stoneledge Animal Hospital because I am able to learn so much from the staff, which allows me to grow as an employee and as a person,” Hayley says. “It’s like working for a big family that really cares about not only each other, but their patients and clients as well.”

Currently enrolled as a senior at St. Joseph’s College, Hayley is studying Pre-Veterinary Medicine and is current in the process of apply to veterinary schools. She aspires to pursue a career in the veterinary industry furthermore upon achieving her undergraduate diploma. At home, Hayley owns a Bullmastiff named Rocco. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and baking, going to the gym, hiking, running, walking, paddleboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and spending time with her family and friends.

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StaffAs a Veterinary Technician, Janelle Hayman is responsible for assisting our clients to keep them educated and informed, providing patient care, and serving as a surgery technician. The part she enjoys most is patient care, as Janelle finds it important to make sure our patients are comfortable and feel safe. She loves getting to know our amazing clients and helping to build trust, both with clients to know that their pet is in good hands, and their pets so that they know she’s here to help.

Janelle possesses a degree in Psychology from the University of Maine at Farmington and has been employed in the animal related field for over 16 years. Some of her former jobs include starting as an assistant in Dartmouth, MA and working her way to become a technician. She continued to learn and grow as a technician after moving to Franklin, MA, where she passed her veterinary technician licensing test. After which, Janelle relocated to Maine where she worked for 10 more years. She then decided to take a sabbatical from veterinary medicine but came back after missing this incredible line of work.

“I am so thankful to have found a clinic where all the staff truly cares about the patients and their owners,” Janelle says. “Everyone works together to make sure that the patients and their owners are as comfortable and confident with the care their pet is receiving.”

Away from the hospital, Janelle loves to spend her free time with her husband and their two kids. Their family loves to spend their days off at the beach, going hiking, or checking out all the wonderful state parks in this beautiful state. They share their home with a lovable Cocker Spaniel named Pumpkin.

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